Reality Check

Reality Check

“We will either go extinct or come home to reality. Anything that is unsustainable will at some point not be sustained, it’s self terminating”

                                                       Michael Dowd

Are humans a self terminating species? Check out Rev. Michael Dowd’s presentation “Ecology Is the New Theology“. He talks about Grace Limits among other things

For the future of humans the most important ecological concept is Carrying Capacity or Grace Limits in spiritual language. We cannot squander the gifts we have inherited.

Omnia Sunt Communia: On the Commons and the Transformation to Postcapitalism

Omnia Sunt Communia: On the Commons and the Transformation to Postcapitalism

,s gives us a great review of Massimo de Angelis’ book Omnia Sunt Communia: On the Commons and the Transformation to Postcapitalism . It made me want to go out and get the book. Linebaugh fills in much in the  broad story of the privatized of the commons, the  means of production and means of subsistence, in the control of the One Per Cent.  You can read the review here:

Squeaky Wheel for Safe Bikeways

Squeaky Wheel for Safe Bikeways


Sustainability Action, in consultation with the Pedestrian Coalition, submitted four bicycle-pedestrian projects. We want the City to build at least one major bike-ped project each year, rather than Public Works dribbling out the $450,000 as a sharrow here, a sidewalk ramp there, or as unusable bicycle lanes on 45-50mph major streets.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease, as the saying goes.  Be a squeaky wheel for safe Bikeways.

Be a squeaky wheel on Tuesday,  April 11th, 5:45pm, Lawrence City Hall.  There are many competing interests for scarce budget funds.  You will make a difference by being there.  Sweek Loud and Proud.

Read more here: Be a Squeaky Wheel for Bikeways




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The Sustainability Action Network is a non-profit organization that is bringing awareness of a global crisis caused by climate change, energy depletion and economic instability to communities in the Kansas River bioregion.  We are initiating positive solutions inspired by the Transition and Permaculture Movements.  We bring the tools needed to re-skill and re-localize our economy and create more socially just and ecologically sustainable society and world. Sustainability Action is a silver level Guide Star participant, demonstrating its commitment to transparency.

Unintended Consequence

Unintended Consequence

Photo of the Doepke-Holliday Super Fund Site in Johnson County Kansas adjacent to the Kansas River


Could the toxic effects of lead poisoning and the subsequent brain impairment explain the millions of Americans who voted against their best interest to empower the Billionaire Trump and the minions of Mammon, Corporations that are pulling his strings?

Lead has been pervasive in the environment around human settlements since the first people dug the easily worked metal out of the Earth. Studies on the remains of Romans found that they had high levels of lead in their bones, enough to cause brain damage. Leaded gasoline and lead in paint, once the standard have been banned but are still a common pollutant in soil, and inside homes. In a home or apartment where leaded paint chips off of surfaces the microscopic particles are easily ingested by infants, children and adults.

According to the CDC:

“No safe blood lead level in children has been identified. Even low levels of lead in blood have been shown to affect IQ, ability to pay attention, and academic achievement. And effects of lead exposure cannot be corrected.”

As we’ve seen throughout history technology especially those using chemicals produce toxic unintended consequences.

Is Trump an Unintended Consequence?

So when you see the ‘Scientist’ in this white coat and safety goggles smile and say that his poisons won’t harm you, They’re safe in children’s food, they won’t kill butterflies.

Look him straight in the eye and ask, “You expect me to believe that poison, Death-a-cides won’t harm me, my loved ones and the rest of Creation? Bull Shit!

That won’t fly in Missouri Buddy; we’ve got Times Beach, Monsanto and burning nuclear waste dumps. I almost forgot coal tar piles from coal gasification plants buried around town seeping  benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene,  xylenes., arsenic and cyanides into the ground water.

Care for a drink?