Lawrence Creates is a not-for-profit, with a co-operative community space for tool sharing, recycling, and innovation incubator. It proceeds from the premise that economic development grows best when people are learning, teaching, sharing, designing, building, and creating products, services, and businesses in a collaborative setting. Development will mean improving the quality of life for all people in the community, fostering social justice in the distribution of available resources and opportunities, and fortifying our local economy toward the goal of mutual self-sufficiency.

Lawrence Creates operates the Lawrence Creates Makerspace, and conducts the annual Lawrence Creates Reuse Program to collect and sell or recycle items not needed by K.U. students when they leave the dorms in May. Proceeds from the sale go to a Makerspace Scholarship for students, and to buy additional tools and to help cover rent and utilities for the Makerspace building. They also participate in the Final Fridays Art Walk, and provide artists a venue to display their work.