July                                                                        2017

” To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival.”
                                                                                                                      Wendell Berry

Regenerative means giving back more that we take. Sustainability in  Action.

A Regenerative Mindset > Evolving Capacity

July came in with a bang. Thunder, fireworks and sizzling temperature on the edge of the prairie. Like the Dragonfly we can Regenerate and dry our wings in the rays of the Sun.

“beyond the hedgegrove,

Over by the willows,

Deep in the shadows”

Regeneration occurs…

Clutch – The Dragonfly

Check out John Fullerton: Confessions of a Capitalism Junkie in our offerings below. Has he learned his lesson; The Laws of Thermodynamics?

I say that Capitalism is a worldview bases on the idea that it’s ok to drawdown natural, material, social and spiritual capital regardless of the effects on present and future Earth Beings. We can us it to regenerate the Earth System by throwing it in the compost heap with the other bullshit.







Regenerative Impact Investing



John Fullerton: Confessions of a Capitalism Junkie

Toward Regenerative Society:

Plan for Rapid Transition

Regeneration and Sustainability


Regenerative Ideas

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