June                                                                                             2017


six electrons six protons six neutrons

Wow what a week, the first of June 2017 (for the record books). Seems  American’s president finally declared that he was not a crew member of Spaceship Earth and has decided to use free market voodoo economics to regulate the Life Support System of Spaceship Earth. I have to ask, is it time to ‘Space’ him? Now I’m speaking in metaphorical, moral-mythos language here.

Wes Jackson’s, of the Land Institute in Salina Kansas statement that “Dollars Seek Carbon” is an ecological truth in the age of the Anthropocene.

 What can we do? What is your carbon footprint, your individual contribution to the Carbon Poisoning of Planet Earth? That’s where you start for personal lifestyle choices. Find out at the WWF Environmental Footprint Portal;

Clearly more needs to be done besides buying the best ‘green’ product, avoiding flying and recycling. These are deluded attempt to initiate the required change to avoid the end of the Anthropocene. Painful de-carbonization is the only sane choice.

This month we looking at Carbon yup the devils in the detail, hence the Biblical 666 meme. Spooky isn’t it.

C-ROADS Climate change policy simulator

Carbon Cycle



The World Climate Exercise

The Carbon Cycle: What Goes Around Comes Around

                                                                   European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker

questions: What the Trump



How Would a Low-Carbon Economy Work?

An Eco-Socialist Perspective on Carbon Tax


Regenerative Organic Agriculture


The Nature of the Beast



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