Saturday, 25 September 2021, 8:00am-3:00pm – FREE
South Park, east parking lot, Lawrence KS 66044

We’re excited to announce that we’re back this year with a Lawrence Electric Vehicle Showcase on 25 September.  We’re making it bigger and better, since we had to skip last year.  Due to popular demand, we’re partnering with the Rev It Up Hot Rod and Exotic Car Show.  Check our national web page at – Lawrence Electric Vehicle Showcase 2021.  Electric vehicle (EV) drivers can register at that web page to show their vehicles.  And at the show, the public can compare makes of electric vehicles, and talk with EV owners.  Here’s an EV guide showing the range and price of most vehicles – 2021 EV Guide: Plug In America.


We’ll have two electric buses, an electric terminal truck, and electric bicycles too.  Electric cars are a great improvement over fossil fuel cars, but E-bicycles are the gold standard, using but a fraction of a percent of energy used by a motor vehicle.  A 4000lb electric car requires up to 60 Kilowatts (60,000 Watts) of electricity per hour, and consumes about ten times the electricity used by a home.  Pedaling a standard bicycle uses only 150 Watts to go 20mph, and slightly more if electric pedal assisted.  Here’s one E-bicycle guide to help compare makes – 44 Best Electric Bikes (August 2021) | BikeRide.

The Lawrence Electric Vehicle Showcase is organized by

the Sustainability Action Network with local sponsors.

The National Drive Electric Week has many presenters and sponsors.