Organizing for Change

May                                                                  2017

‘Organizing Cools The Planet’

 This month’s Scene Journal could also be titled Organizing Cools the Planet but Hilary Moore & Joshua Kahn Russell already used it for their ‘cool’ pamphlet.

Sometimes the organizing needs to start inside of ourselves with our inner subjective world.


“We have a new story, our account of what it means to be human Our new story allows us to see a way forward to embrace evolution as a gentle persuasion through love, seducing us into progressive development through the allure of the eternal forms of the Eros of evolution – the  splendor of the beautiful, the true, and the good.” Stephen McIntosh, Integral Consciousness


Precondition for Transformation -> connected social field.

How do we connect to the social field? Otto Sharmer gives us his TheoryU insights.


From Transaction   –> Relationship –> Emergence of Transformation

Be sure to check out Joanna Macy’s Three Dimensions of the Great Turning:

  • Actions to slow the damage to Earth and its beings.
  • Analysis of structural causes and the creation of Alternative Institutions.
  • A fundamental shift in Worldviews and Values.

From a permaculture perspective we can say that we need Multifunctional Transformative Relationships that connect the social ecosystems to the biosphere of Planet Earth.

“[We’re] Not waiting for our national or state politicos to catch up with us, we are banding together, taking action in our own communities. Flowing from our creativity and collaboration on behalf of life, these actions may look marginal, but they hold the seeds for the future.”   Joanna Macy







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