Sleepwalking Into The Future

October                                                                        2017

“ Climate change is not a future problem anymore”

Dr Susan Krumdieck

Awaken children of Earth you’ve been sleepwalking into a world no one wants and that will utterly disrupt every moment of your lives; the world of exponential growth, exponential energy use, exponential population increase, exponential everything . It’s a world you don’t want to go to. It’s a boom then bust world on fire.  Let’s do the math…

Dr. Krumdieck helps us understand mathematical concepts like exponential growth and the boom/bust dynamic we’re caught in.

 “The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function”                                                                                                            Dr. Albert A. Bartlett

Prof Kevin Anderson gives us three fundamental steps for positive Climate Change Action:

                      1 Wealthy in society must change how much energy they consume.

                      2 Very stringent energy efficiency standards from governments

                      3. Marshal Style reconstruction of the energy system

 What Anderson is proposing is De-Growth of carbon in the economy. Carbon reduction is not a project it is an outcome and it is not the results of  just one project it is the outcome of the sum of all projects aimed at Carbon reduction, a cutting back that all must undertake especially the wealthy in the Global North.

This is a wake up call and a call to action. If we all act to simplify and make do with less, to each have a carbon reduction project like planting trees, insulate and weatherize all builds, eating local and getting involved in your neighborhood  we can achieve our goal, a Bright Future for Life on Earth.

               “Investing in things that use less is the only option we have now if we want to prosper“

                                                                              Dr Susan Krumdieck

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