Diesel Health Project

The Diesel Health Project (DHP) works in the Kansas City region to protect the health of the community by identifying and documenting environmental and health problems caused by commodities movement in the Kansas City region, and taking action to ensure that the problems are mitigated as early and effectively as possible.

The primary focus is on diesel exhaust and other pollutants emitted by freight transportation, warehousing, and related activities.

DHP endeavors to educate the public, including community, business, and religious leaders, and residents of neighborhoods near to any sources of pollutants. They are building a coalition of public health, environmental, and other organizations that can share information and combine resources. The project particularly wants to empower community members to obtain the knowledge, skills, and abilities to protect themselves and their families.


The Diesel Health Project, fiscally sponsored by Sustainability Action Network, is part of the MoKan Clean Air Coalition, and a member of the national environmental justice organization, Moving Forward Network. They are engaged with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Kansas City Region 7, in developing national and local regulatory enforcement of clean air laws.