KTen Crossing Regional Commercial Center Policy Recommendations

Please recognize K-10 as the development limit established in Horizon 2020, the Southern Development Plan, and years of community policy deliberation.
Our community sentiment has become community policy, institutionalized by choice.
Please adhere to our public policy and do the following
  • to not eviscerate H2020 by amending is strengths away
  • to not cross K-10 into the 100 year floodplain
  • to keep S. Iowa regional center between 23rd St. and K-10
  • to keep S. Iowa regional center at 1.5 million sq ft.
  • to protect this floodplain for ag uses or open space
Please do not grant Regional Commercial zoning to KTen
Please de-annex the subject property
Please initiate rezoning to Valley Channel (re Dg. Co. Comm)

Policy recommendations concerning the  KTen Crossing Regional Commercial Center from Sustainability Action Network.  Michael Almon’s presentation before the Lawrence City Commission January 5th 2016.


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December 24, 2016