One of the critical Sustainability Action Programs is to foster money literacy, or how money works, while implementing a local currency tied to local food, as food is already a popular commodity for local exchange.

Our first task is to build collaborative partnerships among local institutions and a core group of individuals who will serve as both educators and practitioners of local exchange.

Any number of economic conditions could disrupt global (and therefore local) exchange, such as stock exchange upheavals, fiat currency collapse (as in Greece), petrol dollar volatility, or a shift in the world reserve currency basket. If the world suffers a currency crisis, our local economy must have a way to keep functioning, and we had hoped to pro-actively create a local currency (physical or electronic) before a crisis arose.

But if most of the above terms are so much esoterica to you, you’re not alone. The concepts are much too complex for most folks, it’s hard to get excited in the abstract when there is no crisis, and the challenge really is the creation of an entire shadow economy.