Lawrence Food Not Lawns

Lawrence Food Not Lawns

Lawrence Food Not Lawns is a program of Sustainability Action Network, and a chapter of national Food Not Lawns in Portland, OR. Begun in 1999, there now are over fifty chapters in 27 states.

Lawrence Food Not Lawns regularly hosts hands-on flash mobs to liberate lawns from the infestation of grass. Volunteers gather for a day to convert a lawn into a garden, food forests, small poultry, orchard, or combination of these. The property owner develops a plan and provides planting materials, and tasks are done cooperatively. Information will soon be available on upcoming work days, and how you might get on the list to become the next Food Not Lawns site.

Food Not Lawns is about more than gardening. FNL is about building friendship-driven community by way of all types of food growing, mutual learning, neighborhood foodsheds, and resource sharing. We take a very simple approach – 

  • We host events to share seeds, plants, skills, tools, land and information.
  • We educate and advocate for communities that want to take back control of their food and food policy from the corporate profiteers.