Squeaky Wheel for Safe Bikeways

Squeaky Wheel for Safe Bikeways


Sustainability Action, in consultation with the Pedestrian Coalition, submitted four bicycle-pedestrian projects. We want the City to build at least one major bike-ped project each year, rather than Public Works dribbling out the $450,000 as a sharrow here, a sidewalk ramp there, or as unusable bicycle lanes on 45-50mph major streets.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease, as the saying goes.  Be a squeaky wheel for safe Bikeways.

Be a squeaky wheel on Tuesday,  April 11th, 5:45pm, Lawrence City Hall.  There are many competing interests for scarce budget funds.  You will make a difference by being there.  Sweek Loud and Proud.

Read more here: Be a Squeaky Wheel for Bikeways




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