Are you one of the 59% of Lawrencians who would bicycle more if it were safe?  Is a bike lane six-inch paint line no margin for safety?  Do you not let your children bicycle to school?  We’ve waited 41 years since the Pedalplan was adopted but not enacted, and it’s time to build at least one, major, safe bikeway each year.

A Naismith Drive bicycle track is a priority.  From 19th to 23rd St., Naismith Dr. forces cyclists to share narrow street lanes with trucks, buses, and autos.  In fact, no sane cyclist does that, but instead rides on the narrow sidewalk which endangers pedestrians – a lose/lose situation.  Disgruntled pedestrians are forced to walk on a muddy goat path on the east side of the street.

Bicycles have a zero carbon footprint, powered by carbohydrates, not hydrocarbons.  Autos use 34% of U.S. transportation petroleum.  Everyday cycling to work and school and for errands is one of the easiest ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  But bikeways must be safe!

Despite proposing millions in motor vehicle projects, city staff have recommended NO bikeway projects in the budget they sent to City Commissioners.  The Commission needs to hear that residents want safe bikeways in Lawrence!

Please take one minute now to call or email Lawrence City Commissioners, and tell them:
“I want the city to fund at least one major bikeway project every year.  Please fund the Naismith shared use path this year, budget line item #CI 1810”

Lawrence City Commissioners:
Mayor Leslie Soden – <> (913)890-3647
Vice Mayor Stuart Boley – <> 979-6699
Lisa Larsen – <> 331-9162
Mike Amyx – <> 843-3089
Matt Herbert – <> 550-2085

For more information, see the city budget submission at – Naismth bicycle track_2018 budget.pdf.