The Lawrence Electric Vehicle Showcase will be on Sunday, 1 October 2023, 11:00am-3:00pm.  The show will be held on the east side of South Park.  Sustainability Action Network welcomes our two co-sponsors this year to our fifth annual show: the City of Lawrence Sustainability Office and the City of Lawrence Transit System.  As in past years, we plan to have a wide variety of electric vehicles, from E-bicycles, to electric cars and pickups, to electric buses, and more.  The public will be able to talk with the EV owners, and learn the many advantages of driving an EV.

The U.S. transportation sector now produces more climate warming emissions than does the electric generation sector.  Plug-in EVs are zero carbon when charged with renewable energy, and greater efficiency means lower carbon, even when charged by coal fired electricity.  EVs get 100mpg equivalent or better, and the typical driving range of various makes is from 100 miles to 315 miles (Teslas up to 400 miles).

Registration is open to enter your EV into the show.  Please go to the National Drive Electric Week website at –  This local event, organized by the Sustainability Action Network, is one of many community events being celebrated across the country during National Drive Electric Week.

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