January                                                                        2018

“All day I’ve faced the barren waste


Without the taste of water, cool water”

                                                             Bob Nolan

When you’re really thirsty there’s nothing on Earth better that cool clear water. Not cold water. Not bottled water, but  cool clear water. Kneeling besides the wellspring of existence, cupped in your hands, In Your Hands, Life.

Some are beginning to wonder if there will be enough cool, clear water in our future especial if we don’t change our way. In the Missouri and Kansas Rivers watersheds cool, clear water and the ecosystems that support it are under pressure from unsustainable pumping , irrigation, deforestation, industrial waste, sewage overflows and effects of climate change.

During 2017 we have seen a growing awareness of just how much risk our precious water resources face. From Tyson in Tonganoxie, fracking in Baldwin City, injection wells near Eudora to nitrate dumping into the Kaw, some people have their eyes open. Sustainability Action Network will bring together leaders and doers who are raising awareness of these and other issues at our 10th Annual Membership Meeting February 2nd 2018.

The Sustainability Action Network will host a panel discussion on “Protecting Water in Kansas: Quality and Availability”, with a local, regional, and state focus.  The panel will consist of water activists who are leaders in their own organizations, and who draw upon varying perspectives for protecting our valuable waters. Click on the organization link besides their name for background information on their group. Our intent is to educate, inspire, bring additional people into the movement, collaborate, and mobilize to action.  The following representatives from these groups will be the panelists:

Dawn Buehler – Friends of the Kaw

Elaine Giessel – Kansas Sierra Club

Thad Holcombe – Water Advocacy Team

Rachel Jefferson – Historic Northeast Midtown Association

Karin Pagel-Meiners – Wakarusa Group, Sierra Club

Jessica Skyfiel – Kansas Water

Eric Kirkendall, moderator – Sustainability Action Network

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