Integral Permaculture

February                                                                        2017

“It was like a shift in my brain, and suddenly I couldn’t write it down fast enough. I felt like there was a roll of carpet tied up with string at my feet. Once I had cut the string, it just unrolled to the horizon and I could see forever, and nothing that has happened since has ever surprised me”.

Bill Mollison

This month’s Scene Journal takes us on an exploration of an approach to Permaculture that integrates Integral Theory with Design Science. The Integral Permaculture perspective empowers designers with a deeper and wider palette of emergent possibilities to develop holistic solutions and designs. By cultivating the emergent properties arising from the dialectical tension of thesis and antithesis we discover a synthesis: Something More Be Coming from something less.

We have relied heavily on Stephen McIntosh for his clear and concise exposition of Integral Theory and cultural development. Be sure to check out  Sean Esbjorn Hargens’ videos on Integral Ecology and discover a powerful way to see the World.





The Integral Idea

Solution Stories


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