Sustainability Action Programs

Bicycles and Alternative Transportation

Promoting bicycles, complete streets, walkable neighborhoods, car sharing, and neighborhood electric vehicles

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Food Sovereignty and Permaculture

Local control of food and food policy, permaculture training, tours, and crop mobs


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Prime Farmland Preservation


The Sustainability Action Network actively participates in the development and adoption of plans to protect Capability I & II farmland from urban development and industrial land uses.


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Diesel Health Project

Promoting environmental justice in neighborhoods exposed to pollution, by monitoring and enforcement

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Energy Conservation and Renewables

Promoting energy conservation and decentralized renewable energy as a hydrocarbon diet, to reduce our fossil fuel use and carbon footprint.

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A co-operative community space as an innovation incubator with tool sharing, reuse, and recycling


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Local Money and Local Food

To foster money literacy, or how money works, while implementing a local currency tied to local food, being that food is already a popular commodity for local exchange.

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Sustainability Action Newsletter

A weekly e-newsletter informing and encouraging people to be active in the Sustainability Action Network, or other action-driven groups

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Fracking the Flint Hills of Kansas

In August of 2016, we reported that an earthquake of 5.6 magnitude with an epicenter near Pawnee OK was felt on 27 August across the Midwest, including in Lawrence KS.  The Oklahoma Geological Survey said that it considers the cause very likely to be wastewater wells...

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Earth Recovery Units

ER Units are about community members getting involved in the management of their ecosystem instead of relying on government officials or NGO’s.

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